​This project, while driven to create a global community supported by a social network for graduates and young professionals, will connect the hearts and lives of the unemployed young professional, the start-up young professional, the young professional in transition, the passionate young professional looking for purpose and the young professionals wanting to make a change in their lives and their communities together. It will give them a single platform to be seen and heard and it will bring them together in one global community. From this, we can inspire change.

The team at YoPro Global realize this is not an easy task. It is one fraught with naysayers, challenges and financial obstacles, but if only a handful of lives are impacted by this mission; if one business is started; if one young professional finds their way; if one person makes a change because of the knowledge, content or experiences we’re able to provide in countries from Africa to Vietnam, then our mission was a success, and it is for this reason, we ask you to join us and be a part of it

The Documentary

While this project started out as being a strategy to build a global community for graduates and young professionals facing the world just out of college, it became much more during the six months of planning that preceded the launch of the project.

YoPro’s competitive advantage has always been that it offers young professionals a forum to “make virtual relationships real”. By offering both online and offline networking, YoPro gives young professionals a chance to not make superficial friends, but rather deep relationships. Rooted in YoPro’s history with its founders coming from EYP, the organization has been successful in shaping creative and inspiring events that engage and develop young professionals. Taking on this task, the Community Project team saw it as an opportunity to build a single, branded global community that gives young professionals a voice, regardless of their field.

75 Communities; 45 Countries; 5 Continents; 2+ years

1 Documentary


·  The nature of the project and its mission to build communities of decision-makers and driven young professionals seeking change
·  The team being formed: the CEO of YoPro Global himself, Dr. Ty Richardson; the Head of Communities, an established and successful young professional, Brett Torina; and the addition of support personnel along the way to serve in administrative functions and marketing roles
·  The drive to move from city to city each week for the next 18 months. As one city is launched, the team will move to the next city and launch that city before continuing on their journey, while planning eleven other cities during their downtime, in between events
·  The blending of multiple common interests, from start-up young professionals, to career-driven young professionals and passionate young professionals
·  The diversity of events and activities throughout the course of the project, and the life lessons the founders, the team and the community will engage in as the project grows and
·  The awareness of the mission, the growth of the single global community and the birth of a unified voice for young professionals to speak out and be heard.

The Community Project itself is described simply as the launch of 75 communities over 2.5 years, spanning the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and The Pacific. This represents a hands-on approach by the Founders of YoPro Global, to establish teams within each community, execute creative and engaging events for a specific target market, for specific partners and organizations that align with YoPro Global. An additional eight months are added on to complete the editing and production of a documentary tied to the project, in effect, making it just a little over two years.


That said, constructing this single, global community can be done from one location using Skype and email, however to be truly impactful and stand by what YoPro’s founders and the Community Project team teach (freedom, empowerment and initiative), the team decided to build these communities themselves, one community at a time. Unlike travel blogger programs, the CEO or Community Director didn’t decide to build communities and relay to the team in headquarters the support that was needed. Instead, the entire team with the exception of interns were recruited and offered the chance to go to each community and build YoPro's presence there, while preparing the other cities on the roadshow for their arrival. With a Community Director, the CEO and an assistant on board, the recruitment of the local Ambassadors would round out the team for each city.

By approaching the development of the global community in this manner, the Community Project team realized they had a story here. Not only is there a storyline around the actual project of building a single global community for young professionals, but there now was a story around the approach of taking a team city by city and building the communities on the road.Chronicling the challenges and successes, the impact the team is making and a city by city video of this two year project, will not only inspire those who want to make change, those who believe in entrepreneurship and those who want to make a ​​difference, to not only watch this film, but be a part of the process

To make this possible, the Community Project recruited a Travel Journalist who will join the Community Project team and film the process of planning, launching and engaging a community, the interaction with young professionals, influencers and locals. Sponsors who provide logistic support such as flights, meals etc. will benefit from this exposure and the overall visual display associated to this production.

Benefits of participating in the overall Community Project will not only include sponsorship rights, but an active presence in the film, as well as the credit and any public relations associated to both.

As a standalone project, this documentary has the capacity to truly make a difference in the lives of young professionals who feel like they’re facing their careers along; to those who feel like they have no options or too many options and can’t determine how to evaluate them and to entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs worldwide who have an idea, but are timid about the execution. This documentary is a big project and a huge undertaking, but by itself is hugely impactful and is projected to touch many lives around the world.

Freedom, Empowerment, Initiative

“Young professionals wanting to make a change in their lives and their communities”