Sometimes you just don't know if you want a job, to start a company or get a degree in a certain field. This Fair helps with that, and more. Discover, Engage and Interact at the Fair.

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YoPro facilitators don't just stand in front of a room and present. We rely on an engaged group of seminar attendees to execute an interactive and dynamic training experience.

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"I had the pleasure of working with YoPro for their first Christmas Market in November. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was quite impressed with the level of organization and the marketing efforts of the YoPro Team. These guys paid extreme attention to every detail involved in the success of the event and it definitely showed. The event brought people together in an ambient atmosphere which worked well for my brand and I am looking forward to working with YoPro at future events".

"When I was first introduced to YoPro, I was met with an amazing person who has been nothing but accommodating.
​I truly feel like I am part of something bigger than just an organization. I feel like the people at YoPro are looking out for me." 

"The team and the purpose of YoPro providing networking events is a new and refreshing idea. It brings something different to meeting people and socialising from what I am used to - rather than going to a bar, or party, etc."

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YoPro's networking experiences are just that, an experience. With each having a theme, attendees are guaranteed to meet someone who can help them at every event, we ensure it.

My experience at M.Y. Conference was great. I got the opportunity to meet and connect with some wonderful and influential people. I think YoPro is on the right track to educating and developing young professionals and I would definitely recommend to others.
~Megan Apang. Aegis Business Solutions Ltd


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